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February 28th, 2007

Dear NCIS writers,

Please, please, please tell me the colonel will not be a regular character. We already have Jenny, isn't that enough? If you insist, give her a spin-off. That would suit me fine, since I'd have no intention to watch it.

Also, I'm glad Palmer finally showed some competence around Gibbs. But please, no more meat puzzles. Two episodes of dismembered bodies is enough, thank you.

Dear Abby,

Now that you're over your ex, it's high time you set your sights on Gibbs.

Dear Ziva,

Do us all a favor and steal Tony from that doctor. He'd be much better off with you.

Love to you all (except the writers -- you're on probation),



Bought, among other things, a two-pound bag of assorted Jelly Bellies at Office Depot on my lunch break. Am currently entertaining (eye rolls mean they're entertained, right?) coworkers by suggesting combinations.

A&W Root Beer + French Vanilla = Root Beer Float
Chocolate Pudding + Coconut = Mounds Bar

One of them came up with Cappuccino + French Vanilla = Latte.

Before I forget -- Happy Birthday, Linds!