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July 30th, 2007

Saw Order of the Phoenix again last night. I'm definitely warming up to Sirius (he looks pretty good in that suit). When does this movie come out on DVD? Book 7 Spoiler alert (for those who still haven't finished)Collapse )

Mom's starting her second week on the South Beach Diet. I've decided I'm going to start it next week. Unfortunately for me, the first phase of the diet is two weeks of no carbs whatsoever. No sugar, no starch, no bread. I'm going to starve, I just know it. So, this morning's Starbucks was the last I'll have for at least two weeks. I feel sorry for everyone that has to deal with me next Monday.

I saw the full moon last night as we were coming out of the movie, kinda big and pale yellow. What struck me is the "man in the moon" -- he looked sad. I know it's just a combination of an optical illusion and my bad nighttime eyesight, but that's how "he" looked.