August 21st, 2007


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I finished The Jane Austen Book Club last night. Brilliant concept, mediocre execution. I wouldn't recommend it. The main characters' names were silly, the meandering plot was thin, and the ending was very deus ex machina.

The movie comes out Sep 21. Let's hope it's that rare bird that's better than the book it's based on.
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Dual Citizenship

On Saturday, I received a catalog from The Republic of Tea and a free sample bag of their Ginger Peach Green Tea. Unsurprisingly, I was hooked. Inside the catalog, besides showing the various teas available, the Republic's Ministers show how tea is part of healthy, relaxing, and full living. One of them, the Minister of Travel, was going on about how coffee-drinkers were "defecting" and requesting "asylum" in the Republic. I do like hot tea, but I'll never give up my coffee. Even my current Starbucks fast is only temporary.

So, today I declare myself a citizen of this nation of coffee-drinkers and a citizen of the Republic of Tea.

Which means it's time to update my wishlist.
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