August 22nd, 2007


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On the days I work, I usually get up at 4 or 4:15 AM. When I don't work, it's unusual for me to get up before 10.

Dad and I took Linds, Reilly, Breanna, Linds' sister Leigh Erin, and their friend Morgan to the airport this morning. They're going back to Hawaii. Their flight left at 5:50 AM, so Dad and I had to leave the house at 3:30 AM. So what time did I get up?

2:15 AM, a full two hours earlier than normal. *falls over*

But I'm glad I got to say good-bye to Linds and the kids. Leigh Erin and Morgan will come back in October.

I've decided that an airport is the place to be if you're a people-watcher. Dad and I took all over their luggage in his van since the other cars didn't have enough room. When we got to the airport, Dad had me stand at one of the curbs with the luggage while he parked the car. While I was waiting, I noticed a wheelchair parked on the concrete median between the pick-up/drop-off lanes and the rental car shuttle lanes. Seeing it made me wonder about how many people would be using it over the course of today. Then, one of the rental car shuttles pulled up and unloaded 6 people and about a dozen Army green dufflebags. Those people and bags later joined more people and bags. All of the men had the usual regulation crewcuts and the women had their hair up. They all looked to be in their early twenties. I'm guessing they were either headed for boot camp or to Iraq. One of the men somehow set off the fire alarm while we were in the terminal. It took about ten minutes for somebody to turn it off. Loud, screeching alarms are not something you want to hear at 5 in the morning.

So now I'm drinking Diet Dr. Pepper instead of my usual Fruit2O. Hopefully, it'll keep me awake through the day.
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