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August 24th, 2007

South Beach Diet Week 3

Eating strawberry Jell-O for breakfast feels decadent, even though it's sugar-free.

Tea is hot, sweet, and (if you use fake sugar) has no calories, carbs, or anything else. Yay!

I think my watchband is looser. That's progress, right?

Once again, we're having a Food Day today. Another day of avoiding all the good stuff.

Writer's Block: Time Travel

If you could travel back in time to spend a day with someone, who would it be and why?

Does it surprise anyone that I want to visit more than one person?

First, I'd go to Regency Era England and spend the day with Jane Austen. We'd have tea and discuss characters, plots, and happy endings. I'd profess my undying devotion to her novels and the people within. And then we'd spend the day in Bath, discussing (me snarkily and her archly) the uppity people we see on the streets.

Then I'd go to Scotland of about a year ago (maybe two) and beg, grovel, and plead that Jo not kill Snape. That probably would take all day. He deserves better than what she gave him.

Then I'd go back to Elizabethan England and spend a day with William Shakespeare. I'd thank him for being the best English-language writer, and especially thank him for his plays and poems. Then I'd beg him to write a sequel to Much Ado About Nothing where Don Pedro falls in love. Likewise, a sequel to A Midsummer Night's Dream where Puck falls in love.