September 17th, 2007


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firelion loves Heroes. firelion loves Heroes a lot. firelion wants me to love Heroes especially since the second season stars soon. So I decided to bite the bullet -- I just ordered the first season of Heroes and the second season of Bones. (I didn't want Heroes to get lonely. Yeah, that's it.)

So guess what I'll be doing Thursday.

Allie, besides the hand-in-garbage-disposal scene, are there any other disturbing things I should look out for? I'll admit that's the one scene that made me not want to start watching the show when it was first on.
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South Beach Diet Week 7

There is no week six!

Note to self: Next time, do not put the South Beach Diet lunch kit in the freezer. Frozen then thawed Jell-O does not taste the same.

I was bad on Friday -- we celebrated Mom's birthday at Red Lobster (her idea). I should've gotten a seafood salad. Instead, I got the Admiral's Feast -- deep fried seafood goodness. Plus a cheddar biscuit. Plus part of the Ultimate Fondue. Plus a slice of vanilla bean cheesecake. (The Cheesecake Factory's is better). I don't even want to know how many carbs I consumed altogether. But at least I only ate half of the Feast. I think Mark or Dad ate the other half over the weekend.

I've been drinking tea like it's going out of style. Especially CS True Blueberry tea. Best tea on Earth!

Mom bought me a box of SBD 100 Calorie Snack Bars, Chocolate Delight flavor. They are totally not the same as the SBD High Protein Cereal Bars, Chocolate flavor. They have fewer calories but also less taste. I guess that makes sense. I still managed to eat the whole box. *eyeroll*
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