November 26th, 2007


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The media's calling today Cyber Monday, which despite how it looks, has nothing to do with cybering -- today's supposed to be the biggest day for online shopping. Honestly, who uses the word "cyber" in any other context? I think today needs a better nickname. Etailer Monday or something. Virtual Monday? I'm sure I'll think of something just as I'm falling asleep tonight.

P.S. firelion, Peacock Queen is all yours. I don't need another tea rose single note (that's what I have London for).
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I've done my good deeds for the week.

My work's collecting toys to donate to the local domestic abuse shelter. So today over lunch I bought three Disney Princess fashion dolls (Snow White, Cinderella, and Belle) plus a Strawberry Shortcake doll for the drive. Then at the check out line, the lady behind me only had one item, so I let her go ahead of me since she had to get to a doctor's appointment. On the way back to the office, I pushed an empty shopping cart from Hallmark where it was to Burlington Coat Factory where it belonged (about half a block away).
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