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December 11th, 2007

Big snow/ice/sleet storm here, so I decided not to risk my neck, Mom's neck, and her new car on the roads. I don't think I'm getting paid for today (the details are sketchy and will be straightened out tomorrow) but that's okay. I'll live.


I don't believe this!

Fic: Hollow and Whole

Title: Hollow and Whole
Author: ravenclawed
Characters, Pairing: Cain, slight Cain/DG
Rating: PG
Summary: "Hollow" is Cain's thoughts as he shaves. "Whole" is Cain's thoughts at the end.
Spoilers: Just for the miniseries.
Notes: Unbeta-ed, so any errors are mine alone. This is my first Tin Man fic. Reviews and constructive criticism are most welcome. (Crossposted to tinman_fic and will probably go on Fanfiction.net as well.)
Disclaimer: L. Frank Baum and Sci-Fi's, not mine.
Word Count: 393

Hollow and WholeCollapse )