December 19th, 2007



firelion's present came!

She made me two imp boxes -- one of Labyrinth (my request) and one of The Little Prince/The Merchant of Marvels and the Peddler of Dreams (surprise)! I think Allie heard me squeeing where she is. The Laby one is black and glittery, with the Froud illustration of Sarah, Hoggle, and the goblins decoupaged on the lid. Inside the lid is padded dark gold material. Then inside the box itself is black foam stuff with 121 holes cut into it (11 x 11) and black braiding along the edges. There are also round wooden balls for the box's feet. The Little Prince/Merchant of Marvels box is white and yellow, with the Little Prince illustration from Merchant of Marvels on the lid. Inside the box itself it's the same as the Laby box, but inside the lid is velvet with rhinestones.

I'm just swooning here and I can't wait to put them to use.

Then came the surprise -- a Littlest Pet Shop panda! #353. It's purple. I have a purple panda! I think it's a girl, so I'll call her Mei-Mei. Hats off to anyone who can spot the reference.