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January 22nd, 2008

Jan. 22nd, 2008

Hot. The sun's out and the heater's on high. Thirsty. I have one nearly full bottle of orange Fruit2O left, then I have to go forage for something. Busy. Swamped is more like it. Helping out another account. Hungry. Lunch isn't for another hour. Tired. Didn't sleep well last night.

Pity me.
Yesterday, I was watching a program about Stalin's Ape-Human hybrids when they showed a graphic about humans and chimps and how they became separate species. What caught my eye was the line labelled "Common Anscester."


Dad thinks it might be the British way of spelling. I think he's being too kind.
Heath Ledger died. This is tragic. He was good in The Patriot. I loved him in A Knight's Tale.

Does it surprise anyone that my first thought on hearing the news was, "What's going to happen to The Dark Knight?" Acording to that MSNBC article, he was done filming his scenes.

He was only 28. He had a child. Talent. A career.

Just plain tragic.