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January 26th, 2008

Transformer fall down, go boom.

Yesterday started off bad. My sneakers were all wet so I had to hunt down my black ankleboots. Then the BPAL I tried (Tintagel) burned, so I had to wash it off. (Another one for you, firelion.) I had high hopes for that one.

Things got better when I went to Office Depot over my lunch break. I was there to get something I could carry imps in on the plane. I ended up getting a little case that's actually meant for those portable drive things, but it's perfect for imps.

I got back to the office at 1:45. Just as I was hanging my coat in the closet, the power went out. When it didn't come back on right away (that's happened before), we knew it was serious. The office manager called OPPD, who said it'd probably take at least two hours. So there we were, at our desks, in the dark. The air was hot and stuffy and everyone was confused and really, really bored. Our phones weren't even working, so we couldn't take any calls.

Finally, at 2:30, they announced that they were closing the office and everyone could go home. I don't think I've had a happier moment at work. One of my coworkers drove me, so I ended up getting home at 3:15.