February 29th, 2008


(no subject)

Happy Belated Birthday, Linds! I hope you got the gift I sent.

Didn't sleep well last night -- we're coming up on Transition (fka March), so it was too warm for my faux mink but too cold for just the sheet, and I wasn't energetic enough to actually get up and change the blanket.

Wanna see The Other Boleyn Girl. Wanna see The Other Boleyn Girl real bad. I'm a history buff, and I love the Jerry Springer-ness of Henry VIII and his 6 wives. My favorite's Anne of Cleves (I feel sorry for her). I need to get The Tudors.

Went to the doc yesterday (finally) and got meds to clear up the sinus infection I've had for a couple of months. *cheer* Can you believe a sulfur med and a decongestant were only $14?

Justice's third birthday is Wednesday. Need to get her something, possibly a play tea set.