March 31st, 2008


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The only good things about Mondays are Caramel Macchiatos in the morning and DWTS & New Amsterdam at night. Everything in between sucks.

March is definitely going out like a lion -- we're having our first big thunderstorm of the season. (Extreme Weather Season goes from March to November.)

Finished watching Season One of The Tudors yesterday. Forgot to mention earlier that Anne's eyes should be dark, not blue. I go all history geek when the characters says things that their real-life counterparts supposedly actually said. I wish I had Showtime -- last night was the start of Season Two. I have to wonder how much this show is going to cover, though. Are they going to do all of Henry's marriages? If so, I'm dying to see who'll be cast as Anne of Cleves. She's my fav.
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