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June 12th, 2008

Person vs Nature

Tuesday evening, I went out on my patio to see how my plant was doing then found, much to my frustration, that a groundsquirrel had decided to turn part of my patio into his own dirt highway. Somehow, he had trailed a lot of dirt from his hole just to the right of my patio to halfway past my sliding glass doors. I was too tired and too hot to do anything about it then. Wednesday afternoon, I spent about an hour sweeping the dirt into the grass. It's a good thing I did it then, since another major thunderstorm rolled in last night. I spent around two hours in the bathroom (about half that time in the "watercloset" with the door closed), listening to the reports. (I was shocked to hear about the poor Boy Scouts.) I can't wait for Severe Weather Season to be over, but I think that's not until September at the very earliest.