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August 26th, 2008

Boring post ahoy!

Since it is now getting darker in the mornings, I've elected to walk on the front side of the strip mall instead of the back. Back side's a shorter walk to my office, but the front side is better-lit, though only marginally right now. We'll see how it is when it's fully dark.

Having the parental units over for dinner tomorrow night. These things are always my idea, not theirs, btw. Yeah, I do this* to myself every couple of weeks. I must be certifiably insane.

(*By which I mean spending most of my day off cleaning my tiny, yet crammed apartment and shopping for foodstuffs, then cooking said foodstuffs even though I'm not exactly competent in the kitchen. Then of course doing the dishes afterwards.)

I am starving. Lunch is too, too far away.