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October 6th, 2008

Oct. 6th, 2008

Saw the premiere of Valentine last night. Cute show. (And by "cute," I mean "cheese-tastic with good-looking leads.") The sound on my TV was wonky at times, so I had a hard time catching everyone's names. I think Aphrodite is calling herself Grace these days, Hercules is going by Leo, Eros goes by Danny, and a guy I think is Ares is called Ari.

Then there's Phoebe. She's the "goddess of the Oracle of Delphi." Um, yeah. Hello, TPTB? The god of the Oracle of Delphi was Apollo. I can only assume she's supposed to be Sybil.

I do like Kate, the mortal romance-novelist recruited to help the Valentines understand modern romance. I bet she'll end up being Danny's Psyche.

Yeah, this show's a lot like Cupid (which is supposed to get an update mid-season).