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October 9th, 2008

Found out this week it's too damn hard to watch more than two shows that are on simultaneously. You'd think I'd've known that. So, Breaking the Magician's Code: The Series will not be on my list of shows to watch until DWTS is over (which I think is late next month). Speaking of DWTS, ABC moved the results show Tuesday back an hour because of the debate, so I watched NCIS instead (not that anyone got voted off this week since Misty had to drop out). Heard Rocco got the least amount of votes, so I think I'll give all of mine to him next week.

Finally watched Arabian Nights yesterday. I can't even tell you how long the DVD was just sitting there. Anyway, I watched it in anticipation of Eleventh Hour, which starts at 9 PM Central on CBS tonight. Oh, Rufus Sewell... *fans self*