October 20th, 2008


Movie news and TV reviews

Don Cheadle is replacing Terrence Howard as Col. James Rhodes in Iron Man II. Apparently, Terrence wanted too much money. I know next to nothing about how the character is in the comic books, but isn't Don (who I loved in the Ocean's Eleven series) a little too old?

Brad Pitt is going to star in an adaptation of The Odyssey. Why does that not fill me with Greek myth-geek glee? Because it's set in outer space. *headdesk* Well, at least there's some chance of the Greek gods and monsters being in this movie in one form or another, unlike his last Ancient Greek movie. Still, I seriously doubt he'll be anywhere near as good an Odysseus as Armand Assante was. Or even Sean Bean.

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I hate to say it, but I love Valentine more than Eleventh Hour, so if one of them is cancelled, it hope it's Eleventh Hour. At least Rufus would still have his movie career.