November 18th, 2008


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Yesterday, I opened a box of Celestial Seasonings Peppermint Herbal Tea to find, to my utter delight, a packet of two bags of Raspberry Gardens Green Tea. I just drank a cup and wow... Heaven. Complete heaven. Of course, I don't know if I should use the second bag now or save it. Decisions, decisions.

Came home last night to find my mailbox wide open and empty. Now I have to call the post office and complain. This is the second time this has happened in as many months. The last time, it was full of magazines and catalogs, so I can understand the mailman not noticing that it didn't close all the way. But this time there was absolutely nothing in it. Naturally, I'm worried that there had been mail but somebody stole it. What's the point of having a locked mailbox if the mailman leaves it open?

(no subject) is apparently useless when it comes to complaints. Tried calling 800-ASK-USPS during my lunchbreak but kept getting lost in the voice recognition prompts, so I had to keep calling back. Finally got through to an actual person, only to be told (after I said I wanted to complain) that their computer system is down. Uh huh, yeah. I'm going to call back on my afternoon break. I did leave a post-it note for the mailman asking him to please make sure the door closes.