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December 11th, 2008

Dec. 11th, 2008

While I was at Baker's yesterday, I wandered into the Christmas aisle looking for mini ornaments for my mini Christmas tree. They didn't have any. I then started looking for something small I could give my TL, Jessi. I saw the giant Hershey's Kisses and remembered I had told her I used to give those to my teachers when I was in elementary school. So of course I bought one for her. And a bag of candy cane Kisses for my team. I also got a princess Barbie doll for the Toys For Tots campaign going on in my office. The clincher was that she came with a Mardi Gras mask. Pretty doll. I dropped the stuff off at the office. Jessi was glad to get the Kiss and the candy cane Kisses. I told her she had to share the candy cane Kisses with the team. She said I wouldn't know if she did or didn't. *eyeroll*

Still working on Mater. I really want to get him done by tomorrow.