December 17th, 2008


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'Twas a week before Christmas,
And all through the place,
Tara was baking cookies
(And not stuffing her face)

Ahem. Sorry, it got stuck in my head earlier and I couldn't get it out. Seriously, I baked five dozen cookies today. And this was after I found out that my team isn't doing a cookie swap tomorrow. So why did I bake so many? I'll take a dozen or two to my folks and the rest to work with me on Monday. There's nothing like cookies to make them glad I'm back. I am saving one dozen peanut butter cup cookies for myself.

Whether or not I attend tomorrow's holiday lunch depends on the weather. I already contributed money to a teammate's baked beans, so it's not like anyone's expecting anything else from me. There's supposed to be a mixed-precipitation storm tomorrow afternoon, but it should be after lunch. I'll probably check both WOWT and KETV, just to see if there's some sort of consensus.

Have I mentioned that when it comes to food, I sometimes have all the self-control of a pack of hyenas? Amazingly, I haven't had any of the cookies I baked today and only two of the ones I baked yesterday.

I did remember to call Bobby today and wish him a happy birthday. I can't believe he's 28 already.

I did work on Mater before and between batches. I don't think I'll get him done this week. Maybe next.
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