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December 24th, 2008

Kalob's birthday party last night went well. There was chocolate cake and ice cream. Justice made a mess, but it was a cute mess. Mom and Dad gave him his own Gameboy Advance with a Mater game (which doesn't work), I gave him an Ice Age game and a Finding Nemo game, Mark gave him an electronic dragon, and Bobby and Linds gave him a pirate playset. He loves all his presents.

Kalob and Justice are currently watching The Wiggles with Grammy and Daddy. Grampa's working. When he gets home, we'll decide when to open the presents. Tonight is Midnight Mass.

Oy to the world.

We received a note on the door from the local water company that they're turning off the water today from 1:30 PM to 6:30 PM.

When did they put the note on the door?

1:25 PM.

Five minute's notice?! It's Christmas Eve! We have food to make for tomorrow's dinner and showers to take for Midnight Mass, not to mention bathroom breaks! I guess they figured most people would be working or shopping today. WTF ever.

They're tearing up the street in front of a house two or three doors down from us. According to the note, they're working on a water main. I guess a few hours' inconvenience is better than a flooded street (like that one in Maryland that was all over the news yesterday).

Still, this sucks. I can't have any more tea until the water's back on since it's a diuretic.

I need a distraction.

Are you sure it's not Tuesday?


Dec. 24th, 2008

It turns out the water got turned back on at 4:30 PM, so that's a relief. Kalob loves the Hot Wheels helicopter and cars. Justice hasn't noticed the plush Himalayan kitten and Care Bear yet. Maybe the next time I see her, she'll play with them. Mom loves the necklace and bracelet Melissa made. Dad loves the Ruby Tuesdays giftcard and the peppermint bark. Mark loves the $25 cash.

Christmas Haul
From Mom and Dad -- 2 $25 Amazon giftcards, a stick blender, and Dove chocolate

From Mark -- another IOU

From Bobby, Linds, Reilly, and Breanna -- a power ballads 3-disc CD set and Michael Flatley's "Lord of the Dance" (both were on my Amazon wishlist)

From Aunt 1¢ -- $50 check

Lots of good stuff. I plan on shopping on Amazon Friday since I know we'll be dead at work.

We're getting ready for Midnight Mass. I'm wearing my black dress pants, black patent low heels, a burgundy chenile (?) jacket with a zipper, my Kirks Folly necklace with the dripping teardrop crystals, my Diamonique right-hand ring, my Diamonique band ring, and my clear rhinestone bracelet. I am sparkly. The only thing I'm not wearing is perfume, and I could just kick myself. A couple dozen Yule-themed BPALs and I forgot to bring any of them.

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