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For firelion and all the other roleplayers out there.

I would RP with some talent
I'd keep IC/OOC balance
and I'd stop causing folks pain
I would be a clever lady
and do nothing that seemed shady
if I only had a brain

I'd be civil, I'd stop sucking,
the rules I'd not be bucking,
And I'd be well-loved again.
Yes I'd manage some politeness
and not hear them say 'oh bite us',
if I only had a brain

colubra of bad_rpers_suck, via metaquotes.


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Jan. 11th, 2007 12:35 am (UTC)
I'd be at bad_rpers_suck, except I can only handle so much unintentional hilarity at one once. Usually the person doing the bitching and moaning is bad in a totally different way from the person they're bawling out, and the "Angry Letter to Bad Player that I Will Never Send" is both incredibly wimpy and totally overused.
( 1 dream — dream away )