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The worst of the worst

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's bad fanfic summaries. I refuse to read a fic if I don't like the summary. It's gotten to the point where I've decided to post the worst ones.

Disclaimer: I am not claiming ownership of these summaries, nor am I trying to torment any writers. I just want people to see where their faults are. Even if the writers of these summaries never see this, other people will and hopefully they'll learn a thing or two.

I found these today. Remember, I haven't altered the wording at all.

Whoever sed luv was easy?Caught up in a twisted web of liesfaild assassination attempts Kai just wants her life back 2 normal, but with the arrival of the coolattractive Ryo that dusn't seem like it's goin 2 b happenin netime soon.Assigned as 1 of her bod

1) Ditch the netspeak. It's fine for Instant Messaging (though if anyone used netspeak in an IM conversation with me, I'd ask them to use the Queen's English), but if you want readers to take you seriously, you need to write seriously.

2) Learn how to use the space bar correctly. I realize that some places only allow for a certain number of words in the summaries. Solution? Shorter summaries.

3) Commas are your friends. Learn how to use them correctly too.

Letters are exchanged bewteen B/D...takes place after Dark Reunion + after Damon has left of course....better than it sounds! plz R/R!!

1) Again with the netspeak. I'm only going to say this once: SPELL WORDS OUT.

2) Always check for typos.

i wrote this 6 years ago and the spellings all screwed. i don't recommend it, read In Dreams instead...

1) If the spelling is wrong, then fix it. How hard is that?

2) Why post something you're not behind 100%? If you don't like it, most likely no one else will either, so why bother?

3) Don't plug another of your stories by saying it's better than this one. Only plug your other stories when the current one is a sequel or prequel.