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Yes, I'm still alive. I'm just snowed in a bit. We had a dusting on Saturday then got hit with 4 - 6" yesterday. Most of the public schools in the area already had today off for MLK Day. The rest were closed because of the weather.

Dad's in Denver this week, Mom's back is out, so I was unable to get to work. Therefore, I asked them to let me use Paid Time Off today. Thank God I hadn't scheduled all of it yet.

Mom and I are taking advantage of having the house to ourselves. Yesterday, we watched A&E/BBC's Pride And Prejudice *happy sigh* and three episodes of House, M.D. Season 1: the pilot, "Three Stories," and "Honeymoon." Mom likes the show, despite how unrealistic it is at times. I think I impressed her when Stacy's husband was diagnosed with porphyria at the end of "Honeymoon," and I said that England's George III had the same thing. What can I say, a word like "porphyria" sticks in your mind, though I was apparently mispronouncing it all these years.

Hey, firelion, someday you and I are going to England on a Jane Austen tour.
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