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Amazingly, I am actually writing. I'm trying to write the third chapter of My Everything (aka the story I work on only once every couple of years). The story's told from Snape's POV, so of course I'm supposed to be thinking like Snape as I write it.

I usually listen to CDs while I write. My traditional writing music has been Monster Ballads vol 1 and 2.

The problem is, Severus Snape, Potions Master of Hogwarts, would probably not listen to Hair Metal.

Therefore, I need another writing CD, but not the Harry Potter movie soundtracks. I have all four, but Snape wouldn't listen to that.

I'm tempted to play my Evanescence CDs. That seems more his type. Or maybe Enigma.

Suggestions? My CD collection ranges from classical to Yanni, with a bunch of movie and TV soundtracks in between.
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