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This is so typical. I don't take a close look at my Lion King tickets until today, the day Mom and I are going. I'd looked at them before, but how could I miss this?

ORCH R.............G..........20

I'd only noticed the seat and the section before. "Limited View" is right below that. I must be frickin' blind. I called the Orpheum's ticket box and they weren't able to tell me much, just that it has to do with the architecture.

Well, I found the Orpheum's photo gallery, and it includes a photo of the seats from the stage and one of the stage from the house left balcony. From what I can see, "limited view" just means we're to the right of the stage, so we might just have to crane our necks a bit.

Or, it could mean that some of the scenery might block our view. Or, maybe it just means that since it's on the floor, the part we're sitting in might be level, so whoever's in front of us might be in our way.

The only way to truly know is to go. Ugh... Naturally, if one of our seats has a better view than the other, Mom can have the better seat.
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