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In the jungle, the mighty jungle...

It was so amazing. It would've been better, though, if some of the speakers didn't keep us from seeing stuff on the right side of the stage. That's what the "limited view" meant.

About half the people in the audience were dressed to see The Lion King, the Broadway musical. The other half were dressed to see The Lion King, the movie -- jeans, sneakers, etc. I realize that some of them may not have had the time to change after work or school, but still. The show's almost three hours long, so it didn't get out until after ten. Did that stop parents from taking their school-age kids? Hell no, but I think it should've. Disney recommends the show for ages six and up. A family a row or two behind us had brought a three- or four-year-old who freaked out during some of the scenes in the first act. Thankfully, one of his parents took him out of the theater sometime before the intermission ended and we didn't hear from him again. Now, when you consider that the movie came out thirteen years ago, you'd assume that everyone who was seeing the show had already seen the movie at least once. Not so -- a middle-aged woman sitting behind me and Mom asked her friend if the good-looking king would be back after the intermission. She meant Mufasa, and it should've been obvious to even those who hadn't seen the movie that Mufasa was clearly, truly dead. I wanted to smack her for being stupid.

Speaking of Mufasa, I agree that the actor was very good-looking and had an amazing voice, certainly better than Adult Simba.

Scar was great. One of the movie character's throwaway lines ("Bad back, you know.") evolved into the musical Scar using an ornate cane most of the time. It was so cool that he could move his mask with a tiny hand-held remote so that the mask could rest above his head or hang in front of it.

Loved Zazu. He had some of the best lines of the show. Right before Young Simba and Young Nala started singing "I Just Can't Wait To Be King," a big black, red, and yellow curtain dropped down, leaving Zazu in front and the kids behind it. Zazu muttered, "This didn't happen in the movie." The curtain parted then came down again right as the number ended. Zazu turns to the audience. "It looks like a shower curtain from Pier 1." Later, when King Scar said to Zazu, "I need to buck up," Zazu replied, "You've already bucked up. Royally." The idea of even a reference to a vulgar phrase in a Disney show had all the adults in the audience cracking up.

The animal costumes/puppets were amazing. Especially the cheetah.

I know I have more to say about it, but I can't think of it right now. I'll try again tomorrow.
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