Tara (ravenclawed) wrote,

I just got thwapped by a bunny involving Voldemort being reincarnated as Harry's son... who of course would be just like Stewie from Family Guy.

Voldemort: I say, what the devil are you doing to my followers?

Harry: I'm sorry, sweetie, but your teddy needs to be washed.

Voldemort: Lucius? Lucius! Oh, he'll be impossible to deal with until his stuffing has dried. Do you realize what you've done, man?

Harry: Aw, don't cry. Won't it be wonderful to have a nice clean teddy?

Voldemort: Hmm, you do have a point. I must say, Lucius was starting to resemble-- Oh dear god, you've washed Severus too! Damn you, man, are you trying to incite a coup d'état?

Harry: Someone's overdue for his nap.

Voldemort: Blast it all, you bespectacled demon! I don't want a nap! I have to prepare against my servants' rebellion. I have to-- mmph! Mmm, binky...

nimori via metaquotes
Tags: hp
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