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metaquotes galore.

Bitching will not get you everywhere you want. If it did, I could power a starship with customer's bitchery, resulting in the most goddamn annoying form of transportation ever created.

millym via customers_suck

riflop on a coyote loose in Central Park:

Not even a feral rabid raccoon, nor a wolf, but a coyote! The desert kind! How quaint! :)

I will name him Toothy. He and I shall run together, around the reservoir, and we shall frolic as the others scream in terror. :)

Some of the comments were pretty good too:

That's a pretty far distance to go just to catch a scrawny bird. hellpaladin2183

In addtional news the coyote was found clutching a device marked "acme North Korean rocket", police continue their search for the prowler making "beep beep" noises at female joggers". rhiannon_s

English is the bastard love child that resulted from an ecstasy & crystal-meth induced group orgy of every major language north of the Equator and west of the Urals. There really are no coherent technical rules.

suibne_geilt on the uniqueness of the English language