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It's a bird! It's a plane! It's super metaquotes!

You know, I was thinking (always a bad sign). Lots of people draw bishie!Snape. And then the book purists come along and get all bitchy because he's 'supposed to be ugly' or whatever. Well they can suck it, because if JK wanted Snape to be ugly she should never have allowed hot manflesh Alan Rickman to be cast. Even if he wasn't so physically appealing, he has The Voice. You know how some opera singers can shatter glass? Alan Rickman can shatter underpants.

blainemuffin on Alan Rickman's casting in the Potter movies

bonedancer has gone back and watched Labyrinth again. And has come to a bit of a realisation:

I watched Labyrinth again a while back, but this time, instead of just thinking it was just a cool movie with a lot of puppets, I saw the whole thing as a metaphor for adolescence. The labyrinth itself is fairly self-explantory, and the various adversaries represent potential pitfalls, obviously; the junk-ladies are both a refusal to advance and an obsession with worthless possessions, the fireys are hedonism, and David Bowie represents sex - naturally, or he'd have refused to do the picture.

The companions, by contrast, represent facets of the teenage personality. Hoggle is that part of you that semi-unwillingly sets out to sabotage whatever it is you decide you're going to do, because it's afraid. Sir Didimus is foolish pride, obliviousness ("I smell nothing!") and stubbornness. Ludo is the inability to communicate properly, but he also stands for resourcefulness and talent.

The Bog of Eternal Stench is a teenage bedroom.

The goblin in the steam-powered battle-armour with all the machine-guns and stuff represents things that are cool.

And the rocks represent the crushing realisation that everyone else probably grasped all this stuff ten years ago, and you're not half as clever as you think you are.

Just when I think Nebraska's winters are bad, I read hughcasey describing the weather in Philadelphia last March:

So, we had a partly cloudy day, followed by a blizzard for 15 minutes. Then sun for about an hour. Then a twenty minute blizzard. Now, back to partly cloudy, warming up, and all of the snow has melted. All by 12:30.

Later on today, the forecast includes a hail of frogs, plagues of locusts, and rivers running red with blood. Pillars of salt, fire, and brimstone may be expected during the evening rush hour.

*hides under desk*

when popping my head down into the crawlspace under the house to take a look at the plumbing what I wasn't expecting was a small lake - complete with scum, slime and a few masked rats in gondolas waffling on about some bird called Christine...

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