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metaquotes are magically delicious!

etcet's remake of "We Didn't Start the Fire"

F-list, stuff missed, my girlfriend just got pissed;
Daily recaps, wedding plans, deep thoughts found inside beer cans.

Games of Whist, Bill Frist, photographs full of mist;
Whining about a brand, quizzes how to find a man.

We didn't write the source code;
It's been lurking out there while kids whine about hair.
We didn't write the source code;
All this navel-gazing is seldom amazing.

Cut tags, shopping bags, diatribes about teh fags;
Sycophantic nattering, jingoistic flattering.

Memes and MySpace mockery, pics of cats in crockery;
Weekends full of cat-herding, nothing really mattering.

We didn't write the source code;
It's been lurking out there while kids whine about hair.
We didn't write the source code;
All this navel-gazing is seldom amazing.

Mug shots, cam whores, shit that always leads to snores.
WTF, OMG, ROFLcopter, look at me.

Drunk posts, phone polls, way too many LOLZ.
NO WAI, SRSLY, bang bang bang (!!!)~eleventy.

We didn't write the source code;
It's been lurking out there while kids whine about hair.
We didn't write the source code;
All this navel-gazing is seldom amazing.

dotsnark, metaquotes, taking quizzes just to stack the votes;
slashfic communities, ranting about killer bees.
Set lists, sexy goats, poetry, random notes;
Trolling christianity, LJ Drama just for me.

BRB, AFK, my LJ is blown away; I have nothing more to say.

We didn't write the source code;
All this navel-gazing is seldom amazing.

chaosvizier's summary of the history of Bath

LOCAL PAGANS: Oooh, hot water comes from the ground! It is a divine miracle! We devote it to our goddess Sulis, who brings wisdom and health!
ROMAN TROOPS: What ho, this wellspring is indeed a wonder of nature!
LOCAL PAGANS: It is sacred to our goddess Sulis, who brings wisdom and health!
ROMAN TROOPS: Hmm, that is like our goddess Minerva, who brings wisdom and health. We claim this spring in the name of... *drumroll* SULIS MINERVA!
LOCAL PAGANS: *headcolumn*
ROMAN TROOPS: And now we're going to build a big-ass shrine, temple, bathhouse, steamroom, strip mall, brothel, and maybe a Starbuckus Maximus over there.
LOCAL PAGANS: We can't wait until you guys get angl0sax0red in a few centuries.
LOCAL PAGANS: Nothing. Hey, is Russell Crowe with you?

Starbuckus Maximus. *giggles* I wonder what "Grande Caramel Macchiato with Whipped Cream, Extra Hot" is in Latin.

13. You have a time machine that will take you backwards anywhere from 1800 to the present. What decade do you most want to visit?

The immediate thought is the 1960's so I could be a hippie, smoke lotsa weed and play a sitar. WTF happened to sitar's? Everyone was going over to India, dropping acid, and making songs with them. And now, NOTHING! But I'd also like to live in whatever era would get me a maid and shit. And a manor. Damn, I'd like a manor. Be all, "OOOOOH, MR. DARCY!" and shit. That would be totally bitchin'. Corsets would suck, and everyone would be sexually repressed classists, but damn! I'd have a fucking MANOR!


All right. I'm off to seduce the vending machine. Sugary sweet and always giving, it is probably the best friend with benefits I've ever had.


I got the creepiest fortune cookie fortune ever. It said: "You can depend on the trust of the collective."

Funny, I didn't know the Borg were writing fortune cookies now...


Resistance is futile. You will crave cookies.

Full list here.

43. Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze
Created by Roy Thomas, Gary Friedrich and Mike Ploog.
Johnny Blaze was a stunt biker in a travelling circus who sold his soul to the devil to save the life of his mentor, Crash Simpson, and got bound to a vengeance demon for his troubles. So far, so groovy. But the best part is that he could then transform into a burning skeleton in biker leathers. There haven't been a whole lot of good Ghost Rider stories, but the design is one of the all-time classics.

Can't wait to see the movie.

34. Shadowcat, Kitty Pryde
Created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne.
The nerd girlfriend. For over a quarter of a century, young nerds have been falling for the eternally teenaged, spirited, big-brained action gal with the power to walk through walls. She's also a big favourite of Jewish comic readers, as she's one of the first major superheroes to wear her faith on her big puffy sleeve. Kitty is perhaps the archetypal modern teen heroine. Without her, there would be no Buffy.

33. Cyclops, Scott Summers
Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.
The irritatingly dependable solid core of the X-Men, Scott Summers is basically Dr Jack from Lost - serious, manly, handsome and authoritative, but with all the personality of a Microsoft paperclip. "I see that you're fighting a Sentinel. Would you like to hurl Wolverine at its head while Iceman impedes its progress?" I can only assume the mutant boy scout placed at number 33 in this list by sheer force of nostalgic inertia.

30. Black Widow, Natasha Romanova
Created by Stan Lee, Don Rico and Don Heck.
Foxy leather-clad Communist superspy. Part Bond girl, part Bond.

29. Beast, Henry McCoy
Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.
Here's the subtle genius of Beast. He looks like a giant, fanged, blue-furred ape creature. But he's actually a brilliant scientist, a great wit and an intellectual. It's awfully clever. He's a reupholstered Teddy Ruxpin that's been loaded with Encarta. On the one hand, he'd make an eloquent dining companion. On the other, he'd make a terrific rug.

21. Nightcrawler, Kurt Wagner
Created by Len Wein and Dave Cockrum.
In the old Marvel handbook, some of the good guys had their profession listed as 'superhero', while others were labelled 'adventurer'. I don't recall which category Nightcrawler belonged to, but he fits the latter description better than anyone. He's one part circus acrobat and two parts swashbuckling Errol Flynn movie, dashed with Medieval Christian devil iconography for flavour and flocked with indigo felt. He perfectly represents comics' joyous escapist potential. And he has a tail.

11. Wolverine, Logan
Created by Len Wein, John Romita Sr and Herb Trimpe.
In theory, he's Marvel's most popular and saleable character. In reality, he's been sold so hard and spread so thin that people aren't quite as keen as they used to be, which might be why he fails to crack the top ten in this list. However, a lot of this list demonstrates the affection fans hold for certain characters even in spite of modern Marvel's failure to use them effectively - or to appreciate what makes them great. Wolverine is the perfect example of this. Once enigmatic and exciting, he's now over-familiar and ubiquitous. But there's still some residual love out there for the short, scrappy Canadian psychopath - especially when he's played by a tall, handsome Australian actor.

Oh, yeah!

02. Spider-Man, Peter Parker
Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.
The definitive Marvel hero. Not a god, nor a mutant, nor born to privilege, nor blessed with athleticism or one of the world's greatest minds, Peter Parker is very much an ordinary man who by happenstance was given great power, and burdened with great responsibility. There are two sides to Spider-Man's character that make him great. On the one hand, he's the noble hero, because he struggles with the belief that whatever he does, whoever he saves, he can never do enough, even though he does more than anyone would ever ask of any man - and more than any other man might try to do. On the other hand, he acts out the adolescent power fantasies that the medium specialises in, gleefully relishing the obvious joys of being able to swing through the canyons of a great city, bouncing off walls and hurling one-liners at the latest bank-robbing representative from his extravagent rogue's gallery. He is super. And he is a hero. Kids will always want to be Spider-Man. And so will most grown adults.

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