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lisandrayajuujo House-ifies the song "I've Got A Theory" from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode, "Once More With Feeling"

I've got a theory, that he's allergic!

[House] (hitting Chase on the head with the cane)
To breathing AIR? Uh, something isn't right here.

I've got a theory, House is acerbic --
'cause you're repeating dumb ideas that don't help here.

I've got a theory we should solve this case...
Or else I'll throw these whiteboard markers right in your face.

Could be the girlfriend!
His evil girlfriend!

(glare from Cameron)

--Which is ridiculous
Relationships are happy flowers
perfect love that never dies
And Cameron's scary, I'll be over here. (sulks to coffee maker)

...I've got a theory, it's vasculitis.

(long pause)

[Foreman] (Rolling eyes)
I've got a--

[Cameron] (standing on the table)
Vasculitis isn't nice like everyone supposes!
It inflames capillaries, even in your noses!
It messes up your organs...
Why do we need to do more testing anyway?!
Ducklings, ducklings -- it's vasculitiiiiiis!

(crickets; Cameron hops off table, chagrined)

[Wilson] (walking in)
...or maybe cancer?

[Foreman] (pacing)
I've got a theory we should treat this fast...

[Foreman, Chase] (pacing together)
Because if we don't solve it in time, he may not last.

I've got a theory--

It doesn't matter...
What can we do if it's contagious?
Getting sick isn't advantageous.
In quarantine? I won't go there --
It's dull as hell, no comfy chairs.

What can we do if we can't visit?
We'll get infected in a minute...

I have to try, I'll pay the price!

You do, you'll die!

Sounds kinda nice...

We'll have to solve it on the whiteboard
Eventually, we'll hit the right chord
There's nothing we can't treat...

[Wilson] (aside, sipping coffee)
...except for cancer.

bloodb4roses was musing about gods for a fictional world.

Maybe Void was bored of being empty and knew how to guide Chaos, but not control it completely... That might work if Void and Chaos are entities, possibly gods in their own rights...

*thinks about this*
Priest: All bow to the god, Chaos.
People: *bow*
Random member of congregation: *is turned into tapioca pudding*
Priest: Um.... The God has spoken!

Void: You need to stop doing that...
Chaos: FLARMBDOOLAQUAT! *"sky" rains mushrooms*
Void: Why do I bother talking to you?...

Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia! (now please, do not turn me into a Precious Mao Button) kalium

As someone who once roleplayed as Chaos (in a tabletop game where most of the characters were either deities or forces of nature--we were trying to break a friend of god-moding), I find this amazingly damn funny.

Dammit, I never thought of the random tapioca trick.... She (yes, my Chaos was female--nasty PMS, that) once sneezed and made it rain lollipops though.

(Random tapioca still wins.)

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