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Last night, Dad gave me a bag of Dove milk chocolate with caramel. Like all the Dove Promises, the wrappers have little sayings. My favorite so far would have to be "Chocolate always loves you back." I may make icons of a few of these.

Speaking of icons, I made a couple today.

Got the first season of Beauty and the Beast yesterday. Watched the first three episodes so far. Catherine's wardrobe (which I'm sure was the height of fashion in 1987) is horribly, horribly dated. Her shoulderpads rival a quarterback's. Am totally adding Vincent to my list of favorite fictional characters. But seriously, he needs to get over his self-depreciation. He's good enough for her but he needs to realize that.

Also watched a few episodes of House, MD Season 2. Just once, I'd love to see a patient the Cottages (thank you, TWoP) think has lupus actually have lupus. I can't believe House slept with Stacy. Wait, actually, I can believe it. What I can't believe is Stacy slept with House. I thought she was supposed to be so devoted to her husband. At least House had the decency to break up with her when he realized she wasn't going to leave her husband for him. House needs a girlfriend. Someone who's nice, single, and doesn't work at the hospital. And Wilson had better move out soon (but not before he gives House cooking lessons).
Tags: beauty and the beast, dead shows, gifts, holidays
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