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I'm trying to relax by reading fanfic and what do I get?


*ahem* Now that that's out of my system, I'll show you exactly what I've found.

You are Logans daughter.But you fall in Kurt.How will Logan handle this?Please review!Yes you are the main character!

1) There's a huge difference between possessive (in this case, someone that belongs to Logan) and plural (more than one Logan).

2) Check for skipped words. It's always nice to see a person's complete thoughts.

3) Space bars are there for a reason!

4) So are commas!

go read reviews please...nasty ones even

1) Here's a hint -- run-on sentences are not good.

2) Asking for reviews, no matter what kind, makes it sound like you're only writing to receive comments. Ideally, you should be writing because you want to write, not because you want feedback from other people.

This is a story i was challeneged to write i dont' konw if it is any good but it is GrissomSara ALL the way. It is based on the song Melt, i dont' own any thing dont' sue, Hope you like and please read and review! Thanks a ton!

1) Another run-on sentence. I feel sorry for English teachers these days.

2) It's just one letter, but "I" is always capitalized, no matter what.

3) The apostrophe always goes in place of the missing letters in a contraction, not after. So, it's "don't," not "dont'."

4) Don't put your disclaimer in the summary, it belongs inside.

5) Again, if you're not behind your story 100%, don't post it.
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