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Christmas shopping

What I've Bought
Sister-in-law Lindsey (Robert's wife): 2 Boyd's Bears, one dressed like a pear and one dressed like a daisy. She collects "Boyd's Bears with identity complexes."
Future sister-in-law Patty (Mark's fiancee): An angel statuette. She collects "angels, dolphins, and bells."
Mom: Santa Clause and Santa Clause II DVDs and All I Want For Christmas on VHS. She loves those movies. A T-shirt with a picture of a panda in a pocket. She collects pandas.
Allie (firelion): A crystal wreath/suncatcher. It has lots of little crystals, and of course anything with crystals reminds me of Labyrinth.
Cousin MacKenzie: A set of blocks. She's 18 months and I wanted to give her something creative. I got her name from Mom's family's gift exchange.
Secret Jareth person: A Harry Potter Sorting Hat. Secret Jareth is the Labyrinth Listians version of Secret Santa. My person said they want Harry Potter stuff, among other things.
Rachel: Money. I usually avoid giving money, but that's what she wanted. I aim to please.
Younger brother Robert: An Irish plaque that says, "Authentic Irishman for hire. Storytelling, singing, dancing & carrying on. Available all hours. Experienced drinking companion." He is really into our Irish heritage, he loves to talk, and he loves Guinness.
Nephew Kalob (Mark and Patty's son): A baby romper that says "Hi, I'm new here." He'll probably be born before Christmas, and I thought it was so cute.

What I've Yet To Buy
Dad: A large cooler. He's been wanting one.
Youngest brother Mark: A t-shirt that says, "Lead me not into temptation, I can find it myself." Or something along those lines. It would be so appropriate.

And yes, my credit card is smoking.
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