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What did I do this weekend?

Saturday: I spent a good part of the day cleaning my room, and believe me, it needed it.

I still wasn't over my cold, but I was able to go to Mass that night. Can't sing yet, so I had to sit with my parents instead of with the choir.

Later, I went online and, among other things, talked to Allie (firelion) about the upcoming Green Awards.

Sunday: Didn't get up till 4 PM. Why? 1 part not going to bed till 2 AM, 1 part my cold, 1 part no one woke me up before then, and 1 part not waking myself up. Bad.

Went to Mass again that night because it was the vigil for the feast of the Immaculate Conception.

After Mass, I watched the first half of the first episode of The Learning Channel's Ancient Egyptians miniseries. I really wanted to see the whole thing, but we had dinner instead. Then I did the dishes during the second episode.

After that, more online time. Just as I was sitting down at my computer, I stepped on a needle. Figures, it's the one thing I missed while I was cleaning my room. Believe me, it hurt.

Ancient Egyptians is really good so far. I hope I get to see the rest tonight.
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