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Got my first Christmas present today

When I got home from work, Mom said there was a package that she thought was for me. Turns out it was my Secret Jareth present.

My friend Rachel is in charge of Secret Jareth. She has everyone on the Labyrinth mailing list who wants to participate email her with their real name, their Secret Jareth name, their address, and what gifts they'd like to receive.

Well, I had given Rachel all my info. I chose the Secret Jareth name "Rose Red." What can I say, I'm big on fairy tales. I'd said that I like Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, and a few other things.

Boy, did my Secret Jareth person deliver! I'll start with the box my presents came in. It's a large cardboard shipping box. On a yellow background are pictures of flower stamps. Very pretty. Next to the return address, my Secret Jareth person, who's using the name "Chibi Mouse," drew a cute picture of a mouse. Next to my address is a really good drawing of Jareth. It took me a while to get the box open, but when I did...

First gift I pulled out was a hand-made Harry Potter-type wand. Almost nine inches long, it's made of brown wood that I can't identify and has a black plastic (or it could be rubber) handle. Don't know what the core is, but I'm sure I'll find out. :-)

Then, I pulled out another wand. This one is an actual Harry Potter merchandise wand. It's about seven inches long, made of hard, smooth plastic molded to look like a gnarled stick. What's really cool is that when you push the little button, the end of the wand glows red. Lumos!

The next present I pulled out were two round plastic containers, the kind you get from a kid's vending machine. Inside were mini busts of Pippin and Merry. They're made to look like bronze and damn, they look just like the actors.

After that was another plastic container, this one another mini bust of my favorite LOTR character to drool over, Aragorn. Unlike the other two, this one was in full color.

Last, but certainly not least, I pulled out a book. "Tolkien's World From A To Z: The Complete Guide To Middle-Earth, From The Hobbit Through The Lord Of The Rings And Beyond" by Robert Foster. 569 pages long, it's an encyclopedia of the books.

Wow... I'm just totally blown away by my presents. Of course, now I feel like the Sorting Hat I sent my person isn't enough. I hope Chibi Mouse likes the hat as much as I like all this.

P.S. Allie (firelion) said that my present came, she just has to pick it up at the post office. *cheers*

P.P.S. Seven words: Labyrinth Collector's Edition Boxed Set, February 2004.
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