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Saw Spider-Man 3 last night!

First off, a big "fuck you" to the Beavis & Butthead clones who sat behind us, and I hope the one who kept kicking my chair has to go to summer school.

Spider-Man 3 was good, but not as good as 2. Wasn't crazy about Brock/Venom, but the Sandman was pitiable, which I always like.

I swear, Peter looked like a damn emo kid when his bangs were in his eyes.

I'm so glad Harry finally came to his senses, but I can't believe he died. WTF? Gwen was the one who's supposed to die. How ironic that Harry's death mirrored his father's. Speaking of which, that was good casting for the first movie -- James Franco and Wilem Defoe have the same cheekbones.

That was definitely not Kirsten Dunst's voice doing the singing in the musical.

Brock made fun of the Spider Sense at one point, and I'm certain that's the only time it was ever mentioned in any of the movies. Am I right, fans?

If there is another movie, I hope they stick to one villain. This isn't the Batman franchise.
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