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It's my yearly-ish conference with the toilet. Woke up this morning 3 minutes to 4 needing to go to the bathroom bad. Twenty minutes later, I was downstairs, informing Dad that I wouldn't be going to work. About ten minutes after that, I rushed back into the bathroom and threw up. Yeah, not fun, especially when I thought about what the stomach acid was doing to my teeth.

I decided the culprit was the third hotdog I had for dinner last night. Won't make that mistake again.

Tried to get rid of the acid in the back of my throat with a small glass of milk. Won't make that mistake again either, since I threw that up a short time later. Yuck.

So I've had to clean the bathroom twice and run a load of laundry. Not good.

So, how was your Tuesday?

Oh, and firelion, I'm in full agreement -- Tuesday's definitely the worst day of the week.
Tags: sick
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