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I know I should be in bed...

... But I've got too much to share.

First, everybody say hi to the newest member of my friends list, danalas, who goes by many names, but I'll just call her LeAnn. She, Norma (unicornlady), Allie (firelion), Rachel (who needs to get an lj), and I all met on the same Labyrinth mailing list.

Friday: After work, I got a ride with my coworker and friend Yvonne to another coworker's house for the informal team Christmas party. Lots of laughs, lots of fun, lots of venting. About par for the course when it comes to team get-togethers. We did a gift exchange. We did the gift exchange and after quite a few steals on everyone's part, I ended up with a cute snowman mug. It was also a going-away party for Yvonne, who's moving next week. I'm really going to miss her; she's a very cool person.

On the way home, Yvonne and I passed a house that had hung Christmas lights on the back fence that spelled out the words "For Sale." Is that wild or what?

I got home just after 11:00 PM, fell asleep in front of the TV while I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean then stumbled up to bed after 2:00 AM.

Saturday (I'd say today but it's now really Sunday): My alarm woke me up at noon. It's a good thing I set it, or I probably would've slept the day away again. Anyway, I had breakfast, hung out online, and talked to Rachel over the phone. She's seen Love, Actually and thinks it's great. I so want to see that movie, but ROTK is a higher priority.

Anyway, I went to Mass (still no singing for this ailing little choir member) then came home and had dinner with the family. Patty's still pregnant, and now Mom thinks Kalob's actually going to wait till his due date, the 23rd. We shall see.

I got back online after 8 PM. About 9:15 PM, LeAnn invited me to a HP chat. It turns out the guests of honor were JK Rowling herself (!) and her head editor, Katy Baxter. At first, I was too intimidated to say much, but eventually I warmed up to it.

Jo, as she went by in the chat, was so very patient with all of the fans. She must've been asked ten times by different people if she was really JK. We got to ask her questions about the books. Understandably, a lot of her answers were vague, since she doesn't want to give out too much about upcoming plots.

I did ask one that's been on my mind for ages. "What is Snape's love life like? Past, present, and future." Jo said that he doesn't know what love is, or words to that effect. Unfortunately, I could only save part of the chat, and that part wasn't it. She also said that Snape had had a crush on Lily, which is one of the reasons why he hated James. She didn't mention anything about future love interests, but I can always hope he falls for Hermione after she graduates. :-)

Harry's love life was brought up and Jo said he'll have other crushes. She wouldn't say who, though.

She was asked a couple of times about Ginny's real name. From what she said, "Ginny" isn't short for anything. Huh. I was so a member of the "Virginia Weasley" faction.

Katy and Jo good-naturedly teased each other several times. It was so much fun. :-)

I told Jo she was an inspiration to writers and also got to ask her if she had any advice for writers. She just said not to be like her. LOL

She said that she won't write any more HP novels after Book 7, but she does plan to do at least one more of Harry's schoolbooks.

Norma came in sometime after I did. Of course, with Listians around, you know that someone was bound to bring up Labyrinth. Who would've guessed that Jo was a fan? *cheers*

Someone had asked Jo about her opinions on fanfiction and slash in particular. She loves HP fanfiction (thankfully). Jo said she'll never write slash in her books, but (and I'll correct myself later if I'm wrong) I'm pretty sure she was open-minded about slash in HPfics.

Anyway, after the main Q & A part, there was a trivia game, with both Katy and Jo asking questions. LeAnn won, being the HP fanatic and unbelievably fast typist that she is. :-) Apparently, she's going to get Jo's autograph. Very cool. I did get one question right before anyone else. It was about the Cruciatus, and I while I didn't think of it first, I spelled it right first. *g* There's a lesson for you -- if you can't be first, be accurate.

I just can't believe I got to talk to one of my favorite authors. Too cool. And now I'm going to bed, but I doubt I'll be able to sleep.
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