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Happy Friday!

First up, more journal updates. *points to comments* I've changed the wording. I also played around with colors last night. Haven't found a combo I like yet, but I'm working on it.

One of my coworkers, who is a total sweetie, gave me a sweatshirt. It's red and it says "Will Beg For Presents" in green and white letters. I'm wearing it today and it is so me. :-)

Monday is my birthday, but we're celebrating it Tuesday since we have too much to do Monday night. So, anyone who hasn't bought a b-day present for me yet gets an extra day to shop. *g*

I'm still sick, but I'm coughing a lot less today. *cheers*

Heard on the local news this morning that every year, Omaha has a 44% chance of getting a white Christmas. This year, it's going to rain, darn it. *sings* "I'm dreaming of a wet Christmas."
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