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It's a boy!

9:30 PM
Went to bed as was exhausted from sinus infection that is still hanging around like a bad houseguest.

11:45 AM
Patty's water breaks. Hallelujiah, praise the Lord, 'cause the hospital can't send someone home when that happens.

12:00 Noon
Mom wakes me up to tell me they're taking Patty to the hospital and do I want to go with? Part of me did, most of me was too tired. So, I stayed.

I spent the day researching for a novel. Let's hope this one actually gets past the research stage.

Anyway, I got a couple of calls during the day from Mom and Dad about how Patty was doing. She was at 3 centimeters for most of the day. The kid just didn't want to move.

12:30 AM
Dad finally comes home. Patty was still at 3 cm and the doctors were considering a C-section. Dad gets something to eat and goes to bed.

12:55 AM
I finally get to bed. Very long day, but I did get a lot of research done.

2:18 AM
Kalob Micheal Robert Williamson makes his way into the world. 6 lb 13 oz. 20 inches long, head 13 inches around.

A C-section wasn't necessary, but it turns out that the reason Kalob was pretty much stuck was that the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck 5 times. The attending doctor said that was a record for him.

But don't worry, Kalob and Patty are perfectly fine. Kalob passed his two reflex (Apgar?) tests with flying colors -- 9 out of 10 on both.

9:00 AM
I finally get up. Mom and Dad tell me the good news.

11:30 AM
Mom, Dad, and I arrive at Patty's hospital room. Patty's wide awake and comfortable. Kalob is asleep in his wheeled nursery crib-thing. I know that's not the actual name for it. :-) Mark is asleep on the sofa-bed.

Kalob is such a cute baby. He looks like a doll, really. He has Mark's round face and Patty's big eyes. The color is under some debate. Mom says his eyes are blue. Patty disagrees, but she doesn't know what color they are. Well, his eyes were closed for most of the time we were there. When they were open, they just looked dark blue to me.

12:00 Noon
Dad and I head down to the hospital gift shop. I buy a cute pastel green plush frog that is so soft, a Beanie Baby bear named Wallace (Mark is so into our Scottish heritage and Braveheart is his favorite movie), and a "It's a boy!" balloon.

1:00 PM
Dad and I finally pry Mom away from Kalob and we leave the new family in peace to go shopping.

I love being an aunt. :-)
Tags: birthdays, sick
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