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Don't you love after-Christmas sales?

I went to Wal-Mart first. Had to spend those two gift cards or I'd go nuts. :-)

My main goal was to get a set of shelves for my wall. I've got so many books it's ridiculous, and I was out of room. Would you believe Wally World didn't have any shelves whatsoever? Once I gave up on those, I got an oak frame for my Middle-Earth poster, a corkboard/dry-erase board, a dry-erase eraser, more candy for the Frog Prince candy jar Allie (firelion) got me, the Freaky Friday DVD for Mom, and A Knight's Tale DVD for myself. Maybe now I'll finally get to see what Allie's been talking about.

Afterwards, Dad and I went to Menards and I got a nice set of wall shelves. More space for all my writing reference books.

Mom and I were going to see ROTK tonight but we're going to a matinee next Sunday instead. So I still have to wait another week to drool over Aragorn again. Ah well. At least I still have the DVDs.
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