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If you were to ever see my music collection, you'd know I have very eclectic taste in music. Not necessarily good, just eclectic. Just look at the CDs I bought today:

Creed, "Greatest Hits"
Kelly Clarkson, "Breakaway"
Nickelback, "All The Right Reasons"
Twisted Sister, "A Twisted Christmas"
"Celtic Woman"
"Now That's What I Call Christmas" (I can't find my previous copy)

I listen to everything from classical to rock, from Ace of Base to Yanni. I have a couple of country crossover artists and one rap CD (the soundtrack of the original XXX movie). My collection's about 50% soundtracks.

My favorite band's U2. I don't really have a favorite solo artist. My guilty pleasure is '80s and '90s power ballads.

No, I haven't gotten into the whole MP3, iPod thing. It just seems too complicated, I guess. I like my CDs, even though I'm going to need another wallet if I keep this up.
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