Tara (ravenclawed) wrote,

I've started what is sure to be a torrid affair with Starbucks Peppermint Mocha. I can only hope Caramel Macchiato will forgive me when the holidays are over.

Mark and I saw the first episode of Tin Man last night. I want it on DVD now. Zooey's acting abilities came into question a couple of times in the beginning, but I think she ended the episode okay. It's like how Jennifer Connelly's acting in the beginning of Labyrinth stank to high heaven but she got better. Am I the only one who thinks Glitch must be DG's father? I mean, how many queens would have their portraits painted with their advisors? I have to admit I was disappointed when Zero said Wyatt's family was still alive -- I was hoping for some Wyatt/DG moments. I am too predictable sometimes. Mom and I are going shopping tonight after work, so I might miss the beginning of tonight's episode. I'm dying to know how they get Wyatt out of the water.
Tags: dead shows
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