Tara (ravenclawed) wrote,

That burnt plastic smell in the air is my smoldering credit card -- Mom and I definitely helped the economy last night.

I bought toys for Reilly, Breanna, and Justice (still looking for something for Kalob) and a bunch of stuff for myself, including LPS #346, a cute little bunny.

My 11-12 order came last night and I got (along with all the bottles, imps, and frimps) my first free bottle! It's Hunter Moon '07, which I've already tried, rejected, and gave to firelion, but I think aging will improve it. A frottle!!!

I ended up missing the first 45 minutes of last night's Tin Man, but I liked what I saw of the rest of it. Yes, I was happy that Wyatt's wife is actually dead. Yes, I'm a bad, bad person. Can someone explain to me why Az feels the need to throw open her coat whenever she wants to unleash the flying monkeys? It's not like any part of her coat is covering up her tattoos. It's refreshing to know that Az is possessed instead of truly evil. I was surprised to hear Young Az mention her and DG's father. I still think that's Glitch, but I'm probably wrong. If their father isn't Glitch, then where the heck is he? I guess the answer will be in tonight's finale.
Tags: dead shows
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