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My first concert!

Yeah, I'm nearly thirty years old and had never attended a concert until last night.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra puts on a hell of a show. If the guitars were any louder, the high notes any higher, or the lights any brighter, it would've been painful. As it was, you'd almost think they were trying to blind us with the spotlights. I hope there weren't any epileptics in the crowd, and I'm sure any migraine sufferers weren't too happy either. The volume and bass were so loud that I could feel the vibrations in my chest. Haven't felt that since I saw Casino Royale in the theater.

The main part of the show was select songs from Christmas Eve and Other Stories (their first CD). "First Snow" was complete with "snow" falling from the riggings on the ceiling. It was actually snowflake-sized clumps of tiny soap bubbles. Being on the main floor in the 19th row, I got plenty of snow on me and it was loads of fun! In the different colored lights, the snow changed colors. It was very cool.

My all-time favorite TSO song is "Christmas Eve in Sarajevo." It's the first one of theirs I'd ever heard, and I knew the second I heard it that I had to have the CD. Anyway, seeing it live was nothing short of amazing. The narrator's intro included the sound of bombs in the background, while the song itself ended with the night's first fireworks.

They played hardly any songs from their other two CDs (The Christmas Attic and The Lost Christmas Eve). They did play "Christmas Canon Rock," which is my second-favorite since it's based on Pachelbel's "Canon." Then they played "Proud Mary," "Flight of the Bumblebee," and a few others. One was accompanied by flames so big and intense that I could feel the heat where I was sitting.

The show ended with a reprise of "Christmas in Sarajevo," and I couldn't have been happier.

I did find out two great things: 1) They'll be back next year. That one's sort of a duh since they're here every year, but it was still nice to get confirmation.

2) They have a new CD coming out!!! It's called "Night Castle" but there's no release date yet.

I can't wait to see them again next year!
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