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Pomegranate 1, Tara 0

Went shopping with Mom today. I needed to get Kalob's birthday present and Mom needed ink for the printer.

My original plan was to get Kalob a game for his Leapster. Let me tell you a thing about the Leapster. It was meant for Preschoolers - 2nd graders, but weighs a couple of pounds. My Gameboy Advance weighs maybe a pound. Guess which one a nearly 4-year-old would rather play with. Good guess. So Mom wanted to price out the Gameboys. Amazingly, Best Buy still had them, but they were $80 and the only color available was pink. I offered to give Kalob my pearl blue one and she could get a pink one for me, but she said $80 was too much to spend on a 4-year-old. So I got him a Cars Leapster game. We'll just have to keep the Gameboy out of his hands.

After much searching and asking two Best Buy employees, I also managed to get a Sony discman. Yeah, I didn't think they still made those. One disadvantage to not owning the latest technology (i.e. iPod) is that it gets harder and harder to find replacements for the older technology.

Next came World Market. There I got (among other things) Republic of Tea's acai berry green tea and ginger peach green tea (yum!), and a blast from my childhood -- White Rabbit candy! It's this Chinese candy that's a lot like those vanilla Tootsie Rolls. It was fairly common in Hawaii but impossible to find here.

Our last stop before lunch at Village Inn was Baker's. I didn't intend to buy anything but I saw a display of pomegranates in the produce section. Now, I wear pomegranate perfume (Persephone and The Fruit of Paradise) and use Pomegranate & Mango bodywash, but I've never actually eaten a pomegranate. So I bought one. $2 for a fruit the size of a grapefruit seems a bit much to me. Anyway, once I got it home I decided to eat it. Having never had one before, I really had no idea what I was doing. I cut it into three sections then diligently worked on removing the seeds. If you've never seen the insides of one of these things before, let me tell that it's like no other fruit I've seen. The seeds are inside these little casings that are full of juice. Pretty to look at, almost like little gemstones. But every time you try to get them out with a spoon, some of them explode. Pomegranate juice everywhere -- the table, my clothes, my face, even my glasses. Lovely. I managed to get some whole ones in my mouth but not many. I don't know if pomegranate seeds are the kind you can eat, so I ended up sucking off the juice then spitting out the seeds themselves. Note to self: Next time just skip the middleman and get a bottle of pomegranate juice. I only managed to get the seeds out of half of one section, so I gave the rest to the squirrels and birds in the backyard. Maybe they'll have an easier time.

And speaking of Persephone, there is no way someone who worked to get seeds out of a pomegranate is going to eat just six. Just not worth the effort.
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