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Stairs 1, Tara 0

Mark complimented me the other day -- he said I have good taste in music. Well, in some things -- he finds my love for Clay Aiken questionable.

Bobby called today. We talked about the new Dark Knight trailer (he's seen it, I haven't), his kids, our trip over there in February, and his birthday.

Hey, Mother Nature. We're planning on seeing National Treasure II on Saturday (my birthday!). Don't screw it up for us with the snow you're threatening. 12 inches is too much for this area to take.

I finally started playing Minesweeper earlier this week. I suck at it, but at least it makes me think. I just wish the timer came with a pause function.

I was going downstairs to the basement this afternoon when I slipped on a copy of National Geographic and fell hard on my tush. It hurt like hell (I'm still sore) and I know I'll have a hell of a bruise in the morning. Pity me.
Tags: family, music
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